03 August 2009

4 Going On 40

As Josh gets older, his conversation skills get more and more sophisticated. He speaks like a little man, complete with hand gestures that bring to mind those that orators and old men use when making a point. He uses old-sounding expressions like "Why yes, sure, if you'd like to."

He also comes up with the most ingenious arguments sometimes that I just shake my head in exasperation (or reluctant admiration –depending on my mood). I told him once that maybe he’d make a good lawyer when he grows up, but he was adamant about wanting to be a chef. Maybe just as well.

After dinner the other night, he went and sat next to Chris on the couch, leaned into Chris oh so sweetly, looked up and --
Josh: Daddy, I swam all by myself in the shallow pool today and then I also swam in the big pool. That was so good, huh?
Chris: Yes, Josh. That was really good.
Josh: Okay, Daddy. Now can I play Mario (Wii)?

Word Play
We were supposed to buy some ice cream and “surprise” Chris at dinner time.

When Chris left for work, Josh shouted after him, “Come home early okay? We’ll have surprise ice cream for you.”

Me: Josh, that was supposed to be a surprise. You don’t tell Daddy, otherwise it won’t be a surprise anymore.
Josh: That’s okay, Mommy. I didn’t say ice cream; I said like ice cream. (Funny, but I didn’t hear that!)
Me: Oh, really? So if you tell Daddy that he might have a surprise like ice cream, he won’t really know that there’ll be ice cream?
Josh: Correct-o-mundo, Mommy.

Unbeatable Logic
Chris was playing Mario Kart Wii with Zoƫ's Mii tonight. Josh wanted him to play his Mii afterward, but it was almost their bedtime.
Chris: I'll play your Mii tomorrow, okay?
Josh: But Daddy, you have to play it now. I can't ask you tomorrow, because I will be too busy to ask. You have to play it now.


This is what he’d probably look like were he to become a lawyer.

What do you think?


Wanda said...

That is too funny. What a little man you have there.

Hope you're having a fun time!

Dawn (dandy) said...


If I tell B that Josh wants to be a chef he might fly over to HK and steal your child.

Helene said...

He sounds like such an adorable little guy! Very observant too. It's a wonder that even at this young age, they still know about entrapment. They're always thinking, always watching...we need to be more careful, huh? LOL

PinkNote said...

hello! I've got an award for you in my blog...=) grab it now! Weee!=)

ModernMom said...

LOL Sounds like a lawyer to me!

Leslie said...

awwwwwws oooooo cute!

Theta Mom said...

That is hilarious! He sounds like a good problem solver. I think I have one of those, too!

a Tonggu Momma said...

You crack me up, gal! And I find this post especially amusing since the Husband turned 40 just yesterday.

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Haha! Your Josh and my Josh can be partners in crime (or in law!)

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