31 December 2009

Zoë Tales # 6


Little Miss Independent wants to do everything Zoë-self.
~ I do it Zoë-self.
~ (Pointing a finger at whomever offers to help) – I don’t need your help. I need my help.

Zoë: Mommy, I need something.
Me: What do you need, Zoë?
Zoë: Um, um, I need… I need… um… Help me think, Mommy!

My mom is a big teaser and her grandchildren are not spared.
Zoë wanted to see the smiley faces on her potty training reward chart hanging on the bath room door (which I kept meaning to take down six months ago!). We would draw a smiley face for every time she was "successful" in using the potty and washing her hands.


The chart is about five feet off the ground. Zoë wanted my mom to carry her so that she could see.
PoPo: Can’t you see it from there?
Zoë: No! I only two years old. I not five!
OF course, PoPo scooped her up so that she could count her smiley faces one by one.


jen@odbt said...

Isn't it great to have your blog to document these fun Zoe-isms? Kids say the cutest things.

Nezzy said...

How could he not! One cannot resist the adorablity of Miss Zoe.

Happy New Year!!!

Jana said...

Zoe is so smart!! I love hearing about that munchkin! she is just pure sweetness and super bright!

Janine said...

Aww she is simply adorable!

tattytiara said...

You're going to have an interesting journey with that one!

Aunt LoLo said...

PoPos are perfectly passive pushovers. LOL
(Say THAT five times fast!)

LPC said...

The cleverness seems to be a native trait. It will serve her well:).

*Jess* said...

Little miss Independent, isn't she?? Cutie :)

Wanda said...

What an interesting little mind your Zoe has. And beautiful. Bonus!

Happy New year to you!

Alicia said...

Your kids have the cutest personalities! They are so bright too!

Veronica Lee said...

She's one smart kid!! And a very cute one too!!

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