19 February 2010

Because I Am My Father’s Daughter

It’s a family joke that my dad is a sucker for cool items sold on the TV shopping channels or on specialty stalls on the streets / department stores. You know, the ones where the vendor wears a microphone and very skilfully demonstrates how the product works, tells you rather convincingly what makes the item revolutionary, glibly argues how great a deal you’d be getting if you purchase it now, etc.?

Let’s see, he has bought a small vacuum cleaner that could suck up a bowling ball, collapsible closet space savers, rechargeable hand warmers (even though where he lives is almost always over 25oC the whole year through), etc. Each time, he utterly believed that he had scored a great buy. Nobody could convince him otherwise.
Well, I guess I won’t be taking part in any future ribbing, because yours truly here bought this today.

ceramic knife

My excuse? I was in the market for a new knife anyway. Really, I was! So it was little wonder that I actually stood for about five minutes, listened, and watched while the vendor demonstrated how smoothly this knife cuts; while he told us how, if we use this knife to chop onions, we won’t tear up (he even held the onion close to his eyes and got us to smell it to prove that it was a real onion); how it’s so easy to slice and make thin slivers of meat or fish (for sashimi); how apple slices cut with this knife won’t turn brown, etc. Apparently, if we buy the knife on the spot, we'd also get a pair of high-grade poultry shears. Then I remembered that I needed to replace my current pair, too.

So I forked over the cash. And here I am justifying to all of you why I’ve been suckered into buying a ceramic knife.

Because I am my father’s daughter. No question.

Have you ever bought any gadget from TV shopping channels or from specialty stalls like the ones I’d described above? ' ‘Fess up! Surely, I'm not alone. ShamWow, anyone? *Grin*


Nezzy said...

Good for you! Let us know how ya like them. My sister is a sucker when it comes to 'as seen on TV' items. I think she owns them all!

May your day be blessed!

Booklover1212 said...

I think the only thing we ever bought were those hooks that go into the wall. Can't think of the name of them right now -- but they actually do work!!

Let us know how the knives work!

~ Jennifer

LPC said...

But does it work? NO ribbing if it works...

Aunt LoLo said...

I've actually got ShamWows...but we bought them at a warehouse, not off TV.

OK, here's where I make you feel better - When I was a kid (about Josh's age), we had an exchange student from Japan. My parents adored him, and had him babysit my twin sister, and three year old brother several times. One night, we were watching TV and an infomercial came on...for some sort of toy. It wasn't a toy my sister or I particularly WANTED...but that stupid infomercial lady was so very URGENT. Only 300 left! Only 250 left! Only 200 left!

By the time the count got down to 87, my sister and I were frantic, crying, trying to figure out how to score one of those (ugly) toys. We both knew they were ugly, and we didn't want them...but the informercial just made it so URGENT...which is why I'm so glad Nick Jr. doesn't have commercials. LOL I'm sure BBJ would be the same way!

jen@odbt said...

I am a sucker for those infomercials although I don't buy anything. I know I will be teased endlessly by my hubby (he calls the stuff quackary). I did order an exercise thing but ended up returning it and those "hercules hooks" - they did not work at all. Some stores sell "as seen on tv" items now so it makes it easier to buy.

Wanda said...

Umm......yup, busted. I've been known to call my fair share of 1-800 numbers. I bought the bullet,the shoe insert thingies, a back massager and a few more. I'm getting better at not caving in. Ahem....no really!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

hahaha I used to be like that too. I was at the store when I was called over to a ceramic knife demonstration with the promise of a free paring knife. Free is what got me. I listened to how it can slice through steal and then, she went to try to bend the blade and almost flung the blade at an innocent bystander. At that point, I felt that was a sign not to buy. I got my free knife and happily declined.

Enjoy your knife!! :)

Jana said...

Oh girl we are major gadget buyers over here! dont you love a good gadget though? I am excited to see how these ceramic knives do for you. I think I might want to try one at too...onions are the worst!

Helene said...

Ceramic knives that don't make your eyes water when you slice an onion?? I would've bought them too!

My MIL buys things like that for me every Christmas. And I have to admit that most of them actually work!

Alicia said...

LOL, I used to be totally into QVC!!! I used to love watching it, and I hate to admit that I made several purchases! In fact, I bought our very first computer from there! LOL

Lindy said...

One word...Snuggie.

Dandy said...

Actually, the ceramic knives work really well. But here are my warnings... 1)The blade chips easily so make sure when they are stored they are either covered or in a knife block. Oh and I wouldn't try cutting through large bones with it. 2) They don't look "real" because they aren't metal like we are used to and people get careless with them and kids want to play with them. Tell how it works out wiht the onions, I've never heard that before.

Oh and I bought the Fluidity. You can google for a very motivating video :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Kaish loves infomercials too. He wants every. single. thing. we see on those :) One time he wanted to get a flobie to cut his hair with! That was funny. I didn't give in : )

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