13 April 2010

Thomas Trains and Matchbox Cars

When Josh was around 3, he had an obsession with all things Thomas (the Tank Engine). I think it started with one train that we got him. Sleek and sly marketers that they are, the manufacturers always include a folded up list of all the other trains and train sets that they have. To "help" us build our collection, it would seem. Josh would diligently go through the list with a pen and would put a check on the box next to the ones that he likes. Wouldn’t you know it, but there is a check next to every. single. item. every. single. time.


Over time, we, along with generous friends who know of his love for all things Thomas, have managed to help him build up quite a collection --not just of the trains, but also of the train sets and some of the Thomas books in the series. (I still have a few in a stash that I keep to bribe incentivize good behavior.) It always amazes us how he could correctly identify every train, even the ones that look very similar (think Edward and Gordon) and the more obscure and newer trains.

While Josh seems to have outgrown his obsession, he still enjoys playing with the trains now and then. Zoë plays with them, too –on her own and together with Josh. She doesn’t care as much for the names of the trains. She just goes by the color and particularly loves Rosie (rose) and Lady (purplish), of course. She talks to them and makes up dialogues while she plays with them. She loves connecting them end to end and making as long a line as possible.
The trains and the various train sets (tracks, accessories) take up much precious space, but I have a feeling that we’ll be holding on to these little fellas to pass them on to our future grandchildren, just like the Matchbox cars which my brother and I used to play and which my mom has kept all these years. They’re Josh’s and Zoë’s now.

Are there toys that your children play with that belonged to you when you were a kid? Are there any toys that you intend to keep for your (future) grandchildren?

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LPC said...

It's so interesting. My son liked to build virtual encyclopedias around categories, my daughter just liked to make the disparate pieces into families.

Jen said...

With 5 kids in my family, not many toys survived my childhood. I believe we donated all of my daughter's toys to a local church's resale shop. She didn't have any collections as cool as your trains, though.

Nezzy said...

I have a box of match box cars of my 35 year old sons that my grandkids just love to play with. The train collection is just amazing. Yep, you've got to hang on to them.

Have a blessed day!!!

blueviolet said...

I don't think there's much that's gonna make it to the next generation at my house!

jen@odbt said...

CG feel in love with Cars so for the longest time we collected the cars from the movie. They play with my husband's old lego sets and some board games. I'm glad their Gram saved timeless classics.

Menopausal New Mom said...

My 4 year old daughter is so into the Thomas Train set that I bought for her and yes, Rosie is one of her favorite engines. Must be the pink :)

Great toys, she plays with them for hours and I think that putting the track together and making new patterns with it is a great teaching tool.

CottageGirl said...

I LOVE Thomas the Tank Engine ... and so do the grandkids! What a collection Josh has!!!

We kept our sons' Star Wars collection, so maybe their kids will play with those!

Sarah said...

My mum still has this train set from when I was a little girl... it's kind of neat to see Peanut play with it. By the way, Thomas was on TV this morning, and my Peanut just LOVED it! It was so funny!

Honey Mommy said...

My boys actually play with quite a few toys that were their dads.... like the heavy duty metal tonka trucks. We try to keep our toys nice.

p.s. My boys would be so jealous of all those trains!

shelley said...

hey there,
i haven’t stopped over in a bit so i thought i would so so and say “hi” and see how life in your part of blogesphere is… isn't it funny how different boys and girls are!
shelley :)

Alicia said...

That is awesome that your mom kept those, and now your kids are playing with them!

I wish my mom had done the same for us!

Lindy said...

Dora was a big hit but now she likes the electronic games more than the other stuff which is great! because those aren't expensive or anything.

RoseBelle said...

I wish I had some old toys to pass down to my kids or to keep as a family heirloom. My son loved cars, any cars, when he was a tod. Now that he's a teenager, he's into basketball but he still has his collection of sports mini cars.

Anita said...

I read a book about raising girls, and the one thing I will always remember it saying - "Girls give life to everything."

I have a huge doll, about three feet tall, from my childhood. My girls have played with her. I can't recall anything else, but we certainly have lots of stuff to choose from to save.

But how do we decide? :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Ming Wai has recently unearthed a small bunny that was my favorite when I was her age. So sweet!

(Heh. "Incentivize." Love it.)

Keyona said...

I wish I could have given Lael some of my old toys. They just don't make them the same anymore!

Dandy said...

How on Earth does he remember all those?!

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