21 October 2010

You Capture | Orange Randomness


Do you take vitamins? I do.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I forget.  But this? I drink every day.  Supposedly, this health drink is packed with 1000cc of Vitamin C.  All I know is that it tastes really good.  Kind of like Minute Maid, with fizz.  The sugar in this thing probably negates all the Vitamin C goodness I get out of it, though.orange-drink


And this?  Is what we have been listening to.  A LOT.  It is a compilation of ‘delightful folk and blues classics for children and their families.’  Josh loves Michael Row the Boat Ashore (Eric Bibb) and Zoë loves You Are My Sunshine (Elizabeth Mitchell & Daniel Littleton) and I Will Be Your Friend (Guy Davis).  Sometimes they fight over which song to listen to first.  Sometimes I find them in front of the CD player, fast-forwarding to the song/s that they like. They’ve memorized the song order and would click away until they get to their song of choice.  I love the Putomayo Kids series.  Putomayo



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