04 November 2010

My 5-Year Old Romantic

In Internal Love 
In Internal Love
For it is time there
The love begins
For the sun shines through the clouds
Merry for all the world
In internal love
As like love is ev(erywhere)…

I’d dug through and found an old CD and started playing songs from it.  One of the songs was The Bangles’ Eternal Flame.  Remember that song?  Anyway, Josh heard it and, for some reason, really liked it.  He then asked for pen and paper and told us that when he hears a “beautiful” song, it makes him want to write his own.  And what he wrote above? Was what he came up with.  It was like he was totally inspired.  He  just started scribbling away.  At that point, I was busy with something and I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was writing.  He would ask me how to spell certain words, but each time I would just encourage him to sound them out.  So what you see above –all the words are totally his. 

Later on, when I was tidying up, I came across his ‘song’ and was simply tickled pink!  Really, Josh?  Who would have thought that you could be such a romantic?

{I know that the last word there is everywhere, because he asked me how to spell that and he got frustrated when I told him to try to sound it out, complaining, “But, Mommy!  That’s a really long word!”  He must have decided then that he’d rather do something else than complete his song!}


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