16 November 2010

Pictures Make Memories Last Forever

That.  Was a direct quote from Josh.

He was working with some blocks after dinner and kept at me to take a picture of his handiwork.  I was busy doing something else and told him that I would, that I’d do it after he’d gone to bed.

He then said, “Pictures make memories last forever, Mommy.”

That stopped me from whatever it was I was doing.  I asked him who told him that or where he heard that from.  I was thinking that it sounded very much like the Hallmark slogan (or was it Kodak?), but I knew that he’d never seen any ad for either of those.

Josh just looked at me and said, “Nobody.  I just think that pictures make memories last forever.”


I sent him off to have his bath and told him that by the time he came out, I’d have taken pictures of his “super building.”  He finished his bath, came out and sat on the sofa and dropped me another nugget:  “You know when I grow up and look at these pictures, I will remember how things are now and I might cry.  Wait, I feel like crying a bit now.”  I just had to go and  give him a big giant hug.  And when we pulled out of the hug, I saw that he was a bit teary-eyed. 

My sensitive, sweet light sabre-wielding Jedi knight.  I love him to bits.


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