14 November 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Self-Portrait, etc.


1. Self-portrait – This one is from the archives, taken around April this year.  Yes, you don’t see my whole face, but you do get to see my trusty old camera.  The one that I’ve been using all this time.  The one that I’m hoping to replace soon.  But I know that I’ll be hanging on to it for as long as it doesn’t conk out on me.

4.1  Self-portrait


2.  Handmade – These are some cereal cups that my friend’s 11-year old daughter made for us when we visited them earlier this week.  She came home from school and immediately offered to make something for tea and this was what greeted us when we got back inside the house.  She had them all lined up in a little tray… so cute!  And they were yummy, too! Handmade1 


3.  Orange – This was a Halloween display at the entrance of the nature conservation center at one of the local parks.  Josh and Zoë just ooh’ed and aah’ed over it.  It was pretty cool the way it was set up, with different plants around it (you couldn’t see them clearly in this photo, though) and butterflies and pumpkins and bats hanging down from the ceiling.Orange 


4.  Candle – Because of the kids, I don’t light candles around the house as much as I used to before we had children.  I’d given away pretty much all of my candle collection, but I’d kept this one.  I just love its smell.  Hmmmmm!Candle


5.  Sign – Sometimes street art is actually pretty.  This is a sign along a hiking trail that we took. Somebody took the time out to paint over the actual sign and hand-painted the direction himself.Signs


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