14 December 2010

Christmas Carol Evening vs. Calvin & Hobbes

Somebody wasn’t planning on taking her son to his school’s Christmas Carol Evening, because (1) She forgot to hand in the order for the food; (2) She thought they could give it a miss, because it would go well past his normal bedtime;  (3) Honestly?  She thought she could give it a miss, because her son didn’t even bring it up unlike the way he talked endlessly about his school’s Halloween disco and she thought she’d been given a free pass. (Me) concert
Somebody INSISTED on attending his school’s Christmas Carol Evening, because he didn’t want to miss a “school party.”  (Josh)

Somebody could not resist the almost tearful “But Mommy, I REALLY want to go!”  Somebody knew that she’d never survive the whining she would be hearing unless she’d take him.  (Me)

Somebody just sat there in the audience reading his new Calvin and Hobbes book the whole time the Christmas concert was on.  (Josh)

Somebody was thinking that she could just as easily have gone home immediately after buying the book from one of the stalls, instead of sitting there until the end of the program and  then having to wait for quite a bit before finally getting a cab. <Have to say that the music was wonderful and it was great seeing all the students perform.>  (Me)

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