02 December 2010

I Need to… Again (and Some D-licious News)!

Is this a phase?  Somebody please tell me it is and that it won’t last long.

Lately, Zoë has been asking to go to the washroom very often.  Like she just went and barely five minutes later, she says she needs to go again…. and again.  She does this at bedtime –almost every night for the past couple of weeks or so and it’s driving me nuts.  I know it’s a delaying tactic.  Fine.  I get that.
But she does it during the day, too, sometimes.  Before going to ballet class, we always make sure that she has a trip to the washroom before we leave the house.  Mind you, she usually sleeps on the way there, so she doesn’t really drink anything until after the class when she has her snack. Before we leave the class, she’d ask to go again.  Then on the ride back home (less than 20 minutes), she’d ask to go again and would tell me that I should head straight home and not stop by to fill up on gas, because “I cannot wait, Mama.”  She did this today as well.  At soccer class.  And same conversation on the ride home again.

When I show my frustration, she’d look at me and say, “I don’t know why I have to go again, Mama.  Maybe Jesus made me this way.”  She knows just how to take the wind out of my sail.
Is it the cooler weather?  She’s not drinking or eating much more than she usually does.  Is she doing it for the attention?  Is this something I should be worried about?  She hasn’t complained of any discomfort or pain, but I’ll probably take her in for a check-up.  I’d love to hear from other mommies, though, on whether or not you think I’m being played by a 3-year old!

Ready for my D-licious news?  D-licious to me, that is.  Chris got me an early Christmas gift:  My first big-girl camera –a Nikon D90!   I am so giddy!  The shots of Zoë above are the first few that I’ve tried with my new toy.  There’s still so much to learn about the different functions.  I’m pretty much feeling my way around right now.  Too impatient to read through the whole manual, but I know I will have to, if I want to get the most out of the camera.

I’ve only shot inside the house for now, because I don’t have a proper camera bag yet.  I’ve been scouring websites, checking out different types.  For now, I think I’ll get the Lowepro Passport Sling (in mica).  I like that it doesn’t look like the usual clunky camera bags and that I could use it as my every day bag, too.  What do you think?
What camera bag do you have and what would you recommend?


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