07 December 2010

Spiaggia | Casual, But Oh-So-Fine

EDIT:  I got the name of the restaurant wrong!  UH!  It is SPIAGGIA (and not Ocean Bay).  I've corrected the details at the bottom of the post.

This is becoming one of my favorite restaurants, even though it is only my second time there.  We first ate there when Chris’ cousin was in town visiting.  We went to Ocean Bay Spiaggia for brunch after church.  Some of us had toast with eggs (scrambled, sunny-side up, easy over), some had ham and bacon.  Some of us had tea, while the others had coffee.  The kiddies had milk (or juice).  Just regular breakfast fare, but it was good.

This time, when one of Chris’ colleagues came to visit, we took him to Stanley because he’d wanted to shop for gifts for his family back in France.  So it was that we found ourselves back at Spiaggia.  There are other places to eat in the area, but somehow we just like the fact that it’s open – almost alfresco.  Even if you sit inside, you could look out onto the boardwalk across the street and see the water beyond.  On weekends, they have tables out on the sidewalk and the main street is closed for vehicular traffic.

I realized that it was a bit heavy for brunch, but I could not resist ordering the Mango and Prawn Red Curry.  It had three of my favorite things combined –mangoes, prawns, curry!  Jackpot!   I had to share almost all of the mangoes with Zoë, because she said that she  “loves mangoes.  Mangoes are my favorite! *Insert slurping sound*”  I would definitely go back again and again for this dish.  It was really good –mild curry with a hint of sweetness from the mangoes and yummy prawns! 

Mango and Prawn Red Curry


This is the rest of what we ordered:



Chicken Skewers


Quattro Formaggio Pizza

Pizza Margherita

Mac and cheese (Zoë’s)

Okay, I have to say that it did not come with a mini mountain of parmesan cheese.  They gave us a block of parmesan cheese and a grater.
Zoë, you could see, had a super fun time grating.

This is what Josh INSISTED on having


Yes, I tell everybody NOT to touch their food until I’ve had a chance to take a picture.
What? You don’t?
If you’re ever in Stanley on a lazy day, stop by Ocean Bay for a yummy brekkie or lunch in-between shopping.
G/F, 92B Stanley Main Street, Stanley

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