12 December 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Holiday Colors


1.  Holiday Colors – I had so much fun playing with this one, but I think my husband’s had enough of my “What do you think? Is this one better than the other? How about this?  No, no, look at this one!”



2.  Winter/Holiday Icon – One of our tree ornaments (Santa) had fallen on the very early pile of presents under the tree.  Christmas is only two weeks away and I still have not finished my gift shopping nor have I wrapped up the stuff that I had already gotten.  I am so terribly behind this year!



3.  A Tree – This is the tree that’s up downstairs.  Josh and Zoë love going up to the harp and pretending to pluck its strings.  When this was first put up, every time we’d walk past it, they’d run and stand beside the angel or pose next to the tree and demand that we take a picture of them.  Even when I’d tell them that I didn’t have my camera on me, they’d insist that we use the phone camera then! {Edit:  This is not our tree.  It is the tree in our lobby downstairs.  Yeah, I wish I have that much space in my home, too!}



4.  Quiet – I had visions of a moonlit snowy night, where all is dark, except for the faint moonlight highlighting the quiet snowfall and the solitary light left on the front porch.  We don’t have snow.  There was no moon tonight.  We don’t have a front porch.  I had to settle for a shot of the Christmas balls on our reception counter… taken late at night when there aren’t people milling about in the sitting area or coming in and out through the glass doors.  Not a single reflection of anybody on the balls, except for Chris who was standing there playing with his new Android phone so patiently waited while I shot my fill of pictures.



5.  Favorite Color -  I have different favorite colors for different stuff.  I love photographing things that are red.  For clothing, I prefer more neutral colors, with the occasional splashes of brighter accents.   I love certain shades of blue and green for decorations.  So this little Christmas ornament on our tree represents my “favorite” colors well.



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