30 December 2010

Top 10 of ‘10

In no particular order, these photos definitely make my top 10 list of the millions of photos that I’ve taken of Josh and Zoë this year.

1.  I love this one of them kindly posing for me.  Josh figured he looked pretty cool in his shades and Zoë?  With her lopsided shades, her little purse, and her purple Dora crocs, she just melts me.  What makes this even more darling for me is that they’re holding hands.  This never fails to make me go all mushy inside.
Josh and Zoe - shades -1

2.  This is one of the first few photos taken with my new DSLR.  I love how ‘clean’ they look –white shirts, white background.  What you don’t see is how Josh looked after he finished his gelato.  His cheeks, tip of his nose, and the areas around his lips were smeared chocolatey!

3.  This was taken the same day as the one above, but a bit earlier.  Zoë would never have let Josh kiss her if he had chocolate gelato all over his face.  Then again, if only for the chance to lick some chocolate, she might…

4.  Super Fire Girl and Mato Rex (Jedi) – This was how they were dressed up for Josh’s school’s Halloween Disco –as superheroes, or something like that.  I love the names that they’ve made up for themselves.
Jedi and Super Fire Girl - 2a

5.  Here’s Josh as one of the Wise Men at his first nativity pageant.  He said that he wanted to play God instead of one of the Wise Men.

6/7.  I love these two shots, because it’s very rare that I catch Josh in a natural smile instead of a grimace that he puts on that passes off as his smile.


8. After seeing how this photo turned out, I’d decided that Zoë is quite becoming in brown.

9.  My little diva.  Travelling incognito –trying to escape the mamarazzi.  Shades, kung fu shirt, slippers, little bag, and oh, don’t forget the attitude.

10.  The littlest angel at her first nativity pageant.

Happy New Year, my friends!


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