04 January 2011

From King to Harp Player


Well, he couldn’t be God;  at least he could be a harpist.  For a few minutes.

We were visiting friends whose daughter is learning to play the harp.  She put on a lovely concert for us after dinner and Josh could not sit still during her performance. He wanted to try playing.  Short of tying tying him down, we couldn’t stop him from going up and plucking the strings.

Finally when the performance was over, my friend asked him to go up, helped him get settled in, and let him play.  We told him where the C strings are.  Did you know that the strings are color-coded –i.e., all F strings are black or blue and all C strings are red?  I guess that makes it easier to distinguish and move between octaves.  Anyway, we let Josh at it.  And he surprised us by plucking out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star right off the bat!  And then he felt very pleased with himself.  And then he was happy for the rest of the evening.

That was the first time Josh had ever gotten close to a real harp, let alone touch one.  He hasn’t talked about it since, so we’re not in a rush to go rent a harp or even buy one.    Still hoping that he’ll take an interest in a piccolo or some musical instrument similarly small, something that won’t take up too much space, and could be stored away easily.  Something that should we ever need to travel with it, we wouldn’t have to pay for an extra seat on the plane!

Do your children play any musical instruments?  What do they play?

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