02 January 2011

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

1.  Me! – I’m there somewhere amongst the stick people that Zoë’s drawing.zoe-drawing2
2.  I Love You Hugs
3.  Still Laughing... – This is what Zoë does in her soccer classes some days... zoe-pose
4.  Winter Wonderland – Our version of Winter Wonderland, as it doesn’t ever snow here. Playing-in-the-dark
5.  Birthday – My birthday cake.  I turned 40.
6.  Friends – Zoë and her friend, K. Kalia and Zoe (close-up)

7.  Inspiration... – You could say that I was a bit inspired by this old lady that we saw on a trip to Lamma Island.  There she was sitting there on the sidewalk, selling veggies.  She has the most open, wonderful smile.  I wish she’d agree to let me photograph her face so that you all could see the very interesting character lines and her beautiful smile (of which you see only a hint here in this shot).  Her whole being suggests quiet contentment, that she has somehow found simple joy. Old-lady
8.  Spring FeverSantan
9.  Travel – One of my absolute favorite travel photos ever is of this old lady with her big cigar, taken during my trip to Burma quite some time ago.old person-1
10.  Summer Days – Josh and his cousin enjoying a day at the spray park.josh and kaes
11.  A Day In My Life – What I see out our window every day –assuming it is not too hazy or foggy.Sunny
12.  All Smiles – Nothing brightens my day more than seeing their happy faces.joshandzoe-smiles1

13.  Autumn Harvest – Zoë in the cornfield.zoe-among-the-corn-1BW
14.  Family
15.  Celebrate! – Celebrate life, celebrate little joys, celebrate childhood, celebrate innocence, celebrate sweet little girls that make our hearts sing.Happily skipping home-1
16.  Let's Do It Again... -  We went blueberry-picking in July (and the previous summer, too!) and we definitely look forward to doing it again this coming summer!Blueberries 1
17.  I Miss You – Not what you’d expect I’m sure, but I really miss my mom’s homemade pizza… Can’t wait for her next visit so she can make this again for us!pizza

18.  Beautiful – What could be more beautiful than a carefree little girl twirling away, having the time of her life?Twirl1
19.  Dress Up – Zoë as Captain Feathersword.capt-feathersword2
20.  Macro –Definitely my all-time favorite macro shot that I took this year.macro-sunflower 
21.  Holidays – This Christmas has been special for many reasons, among which is the fact that both Josh and Zoë took part in their first nativity pageants –the first one at a special “performance” at the Cheshire Home and then at the Family Mass on Christmas Eve.zoe-angel
22.  My Favorite – I don’t know if this is my absolute favorite, but is sure ranks up there. Buds
23.  Don't Ever Change – Zoë is such a happy, snuggly, sweet, carefree little girl.  Oh, to be 3.  I hope she will keep this joie de vivre about her no matter how old she gets.Big smile
24.  Just Because...So There! – One of my favorite photos this year.Tram
25.  Hopes and Dreams – I hope that Chris and I do right by both Josh and Zoë, that we somehow raise both of them well.  That they both grow up well-adjusted, knowing the gift of laughter, compassionate, knowing how much they are loved.Colored-pencils


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