23 January 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Memories

1. Memories
Josh’s birthday cake: Chocolate chip cookie dough fudge brownie cake with chocolate ganache, topped with rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate crispy pearls (sort of like mini Maltesers).  Could you say chocolate overload?  Easiest and yummiest “cake” I’d ever made!  Thank you, Bakerella!
2.  Silhouette
I’m not good at all with silhouette shots, but I am good at anagrams!
3. Doorway
In ancient times in China, you’d find pairs of lions guarding the gates to
imperial palaces or homes of the wealthy –one to each side of the doorway. 
This one here was standing guard at the doorway to an antique shop on Hollywood Road.

4.  Reflection
Josh and Zoë’s toothbrush holders.
5.  Silver
My cupcake stand
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