31 May 2011

Lucky Clovers

St. Patrick’s Day may be long over, but Josh and Zoë are still very much fascinated with four-leaf clovers.  Whenever we’re in a grassy field or wherever they see places with lots of plants, they keep their eyes peeled for four-leaf clovers.  They often pluck little weeds and pretend that they are four-leaf clovers. 

When Sonya (Cooking with Sonya) learned about this, she very generously offered to send a couple of plant kits our way –all the way from The Netherlands! (Thank you SO much, Sonya!)

The package arrived and this is what’s inside –two of these plant kits, complete with a tiny ceramic container, two soil disks, and four “seeds.”

This is what the “seeds” look like.

I didn’t take any more photos after these.  I was planting the clovers and decided that since my hands were already dirty from working with the soil, I might as well re-pot some of our plants that outgrew their little pots.

Right now, Josh and Zoë are just super excited to have their own four-leaf clover plant!  Josh is calling his Leafy and Zoë’s is Isabella.  I’ll be keeping you posted on how Leafy and Isabella are doing.

Do you name your plants?
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