12 May 2011

Mother’s Day Flowers

Every year on Mother’s Day, our church gives out a beautiful long-stemmed rose to all the mothers after Mass.  The priest would invite the children or husbands (if the children are in their Sunday classes) to go up and get a rose to give to their mommies/wives.

This rose was a beautiful tight bud when I got it, but we left it in the car when we went to lunch before heading home.  A couple of hours later, the petals have opened up.


This one here is from Zoë, one of the two that I’d received from her for Mother’s Day.  She made this at her Sunday school class.  I love how excited she was when she came out, holding up the flower that she made for me. 


Then she spotted my rose and asked that she be the one to carry it for me.  She had to hold it up quite high because the stem was rather long and she’s pint-size.  Sure enough, not long after, she said her arm was tired and she handed the rose back to me.

This  is the other flower that Zoë gave me –at the Mother’s Day celebration at her school.  Last week, all she could talk about was how I would go to her school for the Mother’s Day celebration and how excited she was because she’d have a surprise for me.  She insisted that she wouldn’t tell, that it would be a secret.  But she couldn’t help herself, though.  She started by telling me that it’s going to be pink and purple.  Then she added that it’s going to be a flower.  She said that there would be a heart card, too.  “But I thought it’s supposed to be a secret?  Why are you telling me?”

She leaned over conspiratorially, “It’s still a secret. Don’t tell my teachers, okay?”

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