13 September 2011

Mid-Autumn Eve

After dinner tonight, Chris and I took Josh and Zoë downstairs to play.  We told them they could play for 15 minutes and then we would come home and get ready for bed.  Off we went, with Angry Birds lanterns in hand.




Once on the playground, they immediately took off with some playmates –all of them carrying various kinds of lanterns.  Many brought glow sticks.  Some brought picnic mats to sit on.  A few boys ran around wielding their light sabres.




There were not too many people when we went down, but by the time we left –some 45+ minutes later, –more people were still coming!




I took quite a number of photos, but I am too tired and sleepy to upload now…  So tired I am that I know I will sleep through the noises of children still playing downstairs, running around –at almost 11:30pm!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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