20 September 2011

Over Dim Sum and Pearls

My mother-in-law has been in town visiting with us this past week and we’ve been going out –shopping and dining out.  We made it to Tim Ho Wan (a Michelin-starred dim sum place) and waited for only one hour before we got a table.  I say only because my parents waited for almost 2.5 hours when they went!   Worth the wait, believe me.


While waiting, we met a very nice lady (MK) and her brother (Obi Wan K).  MK was visiting her brother who’s been working here as an ice skating instructor.  It turned out that said brother was the guy who stood in and performed Ballerina Girl at Zoë’s ballet performance at the HKAPA (when the original star couldn’t make it at the last minute)!  What a small world.



{Before I go any further, let me just say now that the photo has nothing at all to do with this post.  Nothing at all.  This was taken at a local electronics store and Josh and Zoë were testing out the 3D glasses they had there.}
We chatted while waiting for our table to be called.  You know how you just click with some people and feel that you’ve known them a long time?  That was how it was with MK. 
After dim sum, my MIL and I were planning to go to the Jade Market.  MK decided to come along with us. (Obi Wan had to go somewhere else.)  Good thing she did, too.  Between us, we managed to get really great prices on some pearl earrings and necklaces.  Better bargaining power when grouping purchases together!
Great food, great company, great bargain.  Definitely a great day.   
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