29 September 2011

Quarterly Top 5 Photos | July–September 2011

Ever since we’ve come back from our summer holiday, it seems like I’d been in a funk.  Uninspired.  While I have been taking out the camera with me whenever I could, I haven’t really been taking it out of the bag as often I used to in the past.  So I sometimes end up lugging the heavy bag and not having taken a single photo at all.
Hopefully, I’ll start to take more photos now that the weather is cooler. (Yeah, I blame the weather.)  I hope to have at least a few photos of both Josh and Zoë together in time for the next Quarterly Top 5 (hosted by Nap Time Momtog / Amber’s Articles / Click it Up a Notch).
Here are my Quarterly Top 5 for Jul – Sep –in no particular order:
1.  This one always brings a smile to my face.  It’s just so sweet how Zoë had her short little arm and chubby little leg hugging Chris as she napped.
2.  I love her colorful fingers and hand!
3.  I love this girl!
Sunday4. I love him –missing front teeth and all!
5.  I can’t really point my finger at what I love about this photo; I just do.


shannon said...

Cute photos! I love the beach one too!

tinajo said...

They are all great! I do think cooler weather helps actually, when it´s too hot one just don´t have the energy..!

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