27 September 2011

Three Little Birds

Josh and Zoë love an audience.  Ever since Josh was small, he would put together little performances for us.  He would be emcee and solo performer rolled into one.  Zoë, when she was old enough to join in, got right in there with Josh.

They were putting together one of their “performances” for my mother-in-law during her visit. When it was Josh’s turn, he asked Zoë to say that he would be singing “Three Little Birds.”  I didn’t think anything of it, not really knowing that particular Bob Marley song.  But as he sang, I was thinking, “Hmmm, a melody pure and true… doesn’t sound like something a 6-year old would make up.  Then I asked him who taught him the song.  He looked at me like I should already know the song, “Ms. C plays it when we do our tidying up in school. It’s Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.”  So I googled it.


And it turns out the we actually have it in our Bob Marley CD.  So now, we have the song playing whenever we’re in the car.  Because we have it on Repeat a lot of the time, we all know the words –including Zoë.  So now we all sing along –loudly! –to the song whenever it comes on.

I love it that we sing along to Bob Marley, The Beatles, Three Dog Night, ABBA, Wham! and other 80’s tunes as much as we do to Disney tunes.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re on the road?

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tinajo said...

Oh, we play so much music in the car - a lot of 80´s, a lot of 90´s and also current music in almost all styles (noone in the family likes rap though). Love car rides with the family! :-)

Love the pic! :-)

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