11 December 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Holiday Lights


1.  Less Is More – Natural beauty –no make-up (yes, I am biased.)




2.  Holiday Lights – Okay, so technically this is not considered Holiday Lights, but close, right?  It’s actually one of those globes where if you touch the glass the lights appear to shoot out from your fingertips.  Very cool.




3.  Ornaments – We bought these last week at a Christmas bazaar.  Joseph completes the set, but I couldn’t fit him into the shot.  These are actually 3D wooden puzzles.  I didn’t tell that to the kids, though.  I want the pieces complete and intact.




4.  Cup of Cheer (from the archives)




5.  Nativity – Our Christmas music box.




Happily Mother After


Susan said...

Love these, especially the ornaments! So pretty. (Oh and of course the natural beauty!)

MG Atwood said...

Lovely series. Yes, less is more is beautiful! No bias here. Have a super week.

Anonymous said...

The puzzle ornaments are so cool! Love your shots!

Susan said...

These are all great. Your daughter could not be any cuter!!

Aud's Space said...

Great Shots. Beautiful is a good description for your less is more! Love the nativity and your ornaments too.

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