04 December 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Nostalgic (One Starry Night Edition)

We attended One Starry Night today with Josh and Zoë.  It was --


“…a Christmas experience where participants do more than just hear about the birth of Jesus — they’ll see, touch, feel, and smell what life was like during this miraculous time.  Families will journey through Bethlehem and create Bible-times crafts at a variety of stations, including The City Gate, The Marketplace, Stargazer Hill, The Census Taker’s Office, The Palace, The Inn, and The Stable.”


What a great production it was!  Josh and Zoë loved going through the different stations and doing the different arts and crafts.  From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted by angels and shepherds.  The entire place was elaborately set up with each station manned by people dressed up like how you would imagine people in Bethlehem back in the days would have dressed.  Each child received a little pouch filled with gold coins with which they could use to pay to participate in each craft station and for which each child receives a Bible Memory Maker in return.


1. Portrait – Zoë wearing the crown that she made at The Palace.



2.  Nostalgic – Back in the days before malls and fancy boutiques, when wares were sold on the streets.   (At The Inn, where the children were guided in making a pillow.)




3.  Time – The Palace.  We spent the most time at this station, I think. Zoë wanted to put every single glittery sticker onto her crown.




4.  Full of Light – These are the lights that had been strung over The Stable where the children got to make a sheep ornament.




5.  Motion – I have other motion shots, but seeing that all my other shots here were taken at One Starry Night, I’d decided to go with this instead.   There were LOTS of people there today.  After we’d finished doing the rounds of the crafts stations, we went over to  the cafeteria for refreshments.  Our little princess spotted this angel and wanted to have a picture taken.  It was near impossible to get a clean shot, what with people moving about left and right.



Happily Mother After


MG Atwood said...

Great series. What a fun event! I like your motion shot, and the portrait is darling.

Susan said...

Looks like a great place for kids to explore! I especially love your light shot! Beautiful!

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