10 July 2012

The Creativity Project | Hello, Summer!

It has just been a little over a week since school was out.

What have we been up to? 

Let’s see...

We’ve gone to the beach to ride the waves.




We hang out at the pool.  I sneak in my little camera to take pictures of the kids.




It is such a joy to see Josh and Zoë frolicking in the water.  Zoë, especially since she has decided that she could swim, has just been a little goldfish wiggling around here and there.  She would swim from one end to the other then back again, barely pausing to catch her breath.  She would dive to go through between our legs, surface, then with a deep breath, dive down again.  And again.  And again.  No wonder she is totally tuckered out afterwards!




In between, she would play around the fountains.




Tell me how I can not bring my camera along when I have such a willing –not to mention super cute! –subject like this one? (Without prompting or direction from anyone, she adopted this pose and patiently waited for me to take her picture.)


Not to be left out, Josh did a crazy pose, complete with a silly expression.



Our first week of summer vacation was packed with play dates practically every single day of the week.  This week is no different.  The kids are having so much fun.


…and the summer has just begun.  There is still our annual blueberry-picking trip, a reunion with the cousins to look forward to.


How is your summer coming along?

Do head on over to Sharon’s (The Covert Lens) and check out how she has been spending hers.


(The Creativity Project is a monthly blog circle with a new theme each month. We have a number of new friends playing along this month. Do drop by and visit this wonderful circle of photographers –Becky, Scarlett, Maddy, Katherine, Sharon, Melinda, Marvett, Julia, and Sandra.)


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