02 October 2012


This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival came and went and… well, I’d missed it.  We had a long weekend and one day just ran into another and before we knew it, we’d missed the Mid-Autumn Festival.  The pictures friends posted on Facebook showing their kids out with the lanterns should have clued me in.  My friend asking if we wanted to join them at the beach that night should have clued me in.  The sounds of children playing outside well into 10pm should have clued me in. 

(Texture:  Kim Klassen’s Nested)
Not that we are big into celebrating the holiday, but on Mid-Autumn Festival, we do like to bring the kids out with their lanterns and let them stay out late to play with the other kids and to ooh and aah at the bright full moon.  I’d even bought a whole bunch of those neon glow sticks for them to play with.  We even made our own lanterns with lai see packets.  Not as cute as that little rabbit lantern up there, granted, but not bad as far as DIY ones go.  Oh, well.


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