25 October 2012

Godspeed Speedy

Yesterday the kids brought home a turtle that they’d found in our playground.  At first when Josh held his hand out to show me his surprise, I’d thought someone had given him a plastic toy.  And then it moved.  I might or might not have let out a little shriek.


Obviously both Josh and Zoë were excited and thrilled.  They even brought back little rocks and stones and sticks and a few leaves.  It was almost dinner time, so I decided to let them keep it for the time being.  The plan was that I would ask our management office today if anybody had reported a lost turtle.  Chances are, it’s somebody’s pet and they probably just decided to let it go.

Failing that, we were going to wait until the kids are back in school on Monday after their half-term break and ask if the school zoo might welcome another turtle.

The kids have named the turtle Speedy.  He is rather fast for a turtle.  We gave him a shallow box, put in a few kale leaves and the stones and rocks that the kids brought back.  We also put in a little container of water.  Speedy kept on getting out of the box until I made the walls a bit higher after the kids went to bed.  I could hear Speedy trying to claw his way up the wall and out of the box.  He eventually settled in the little container of water for the night.

When I got in touch with the management office today, they offered to take Speedy off our hands.  I don’t know what they’re going to do with Speedy.  I didn’t ask, but I do hope that they will find a good home for him somehow and be able to give him better care than we could.

The kids sadly said goodbye to Speedy.  Josh was particularly sad.  I have to say that I  kind of miss Speedy, too. 

There.  Our one night of fostering a turtle.


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