18 November 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Vision

1.  Vision – Yesterday, when we were out, we kept hearing sweet chirping, but we knew that it couldn’t have come from the little brown birds that we commonly see around.  I finally spotted the bird that was making those sweet sounds.  It took a few “Where, Mommy?  I don’t see it!” before the kids could finally make it out from amongst the tree branches and leaves.


2.  Strong – This was how strong the last typhoon (hurricane) was.  It uprooted some of the trees we have along the promenade.


3.  Button – This was a last-minute shot for the prompt.  I didn’t know what to shoot…


4.  Map – From one of the kids’ sticker books.


5.  Favorite Fruit – I haven’t gone to buy a watermelon yet, so this photo from the archives will just have to do.  I’m lucky that we pretty much have watermelons all year round.  It’s just that after summer, the prices go way up.



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