29 January 2013

Josh Is 8!

He would roll his eyes at me now if I get too mushy, especially when there is company.  He still lets me kiss him, but only when there are not too many people around (or if we are at home).   My husband and I like to tease him and ask for kisses when we’re out.  We think it’s so cute the way he would quickly do a surreptitious sweep to see if anyone is looking before he would give us a kiss.

Storm Trooper Cupcakes with Oreo Buttercream Frosting

*Sigh*  Eight years.   Since I first became a mom.  Since I first experienced a love so fierce yet at the same time so gentle.  I remember it – this overwhelming sense of wonder at being entrusted with the care of this tiny, beautiful being.  Josh was such an easy baby… or maybe he wasn’t. Maybe we were just so in love with our boy that the care of him was no chore at all.

Josh Baby Josh-Arms-crossed
Josh at 4 months                                                                                      Josh at 6

In so many ways, Josh is mature beyond his years.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that he is just a boy, a child.  But sometimes we hear him laugh so hard that he’s gasping for breath –simply over some silly, silly drawing that Zoë did or over some wacky comment that somebody said…. and we are jolted back to reality.  He might speak like an adult sometimes, but he is a child still. 

Josh-Bundled-Up1 Skier-(2)
Josh at 23 months                                                                           Josh at nearly 8

A child who loves to read, who loves to play video games, who enjoys chess.  A boy who has crazy fun with his friends, but is also content doing his own thing by himself. 

Josh’s version of the Mission Impossible cable drop…

A boy who laughs himself silly watching slapstick comedies.  A boy who loves to tease his sister, but also a boy who is the best big brother a little girl could have.   A child that any parent would feel so very blessed to call their son.

Happy birthday, Josh.


Kim Cunningham said...

Love this! Such a sweet post about your boy! Our boys are just a couple months apart. 8 is a fun age, but oh so wistful for days gone by too! What a cutie Josh is (also my son's middle name...Joshua :) ).

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