26 February 2013

Downton Abbey

I watched all three seasons in four days.  Yes, four days of pretty much not doing anything but.  I’d heard about the series and never really understood what the fuss was all about.  My friend lent me Season 1 and I was hooked.  Such intrigue, such juiciness.


Zoë’s picture above has nothing whatsoever to do with Downton Abbey, although she did watch a couple of episodes with me.  I just feel like posting it because I so love her mischievous smile in this photo.

24 February 2013

1. Sweet Dreams – Josh sleeping with Old Teddy.  This was his very first teddy bear ever, given to him by Auntie Clare.  (He wasn’t really sleeping here, but was posing so that I could get a photo for this prompt.  He does look like this, though, when he’s asleep.)


2.  Getting Ready – Zoë was getting ready to climb over the top and go down from the other side when I asked her to stop so that I could take a pic of her sweet face.


3.  Playtime – Zoë loves playing with this game.  It is called Code Breaker and very similar to Master Mind.  A little less challenging than Master Mind, even though you have more color combinations to work with, so it is perfect for the little ones.


4. Time to Eat - I had been wanting to try to make this coconut cake for the longest time and finally had the occasion to make it. The kids agreed to wait until Daddy comes home before partaking of it.


5.  Scrub-a-Dub – One of the many toys that the kids have in the bathroom.


19 February 2013

Beautiful Beets

There is something about beets
freshly pulled from the ground.
We were at my friend’s farm and
came home with some carrots,
tomatoes, and these beets.


We made soup.
A simple soup --
with carrots, pork bone, and these beets.
Beyond a pinch of salt, no other flavoring.
The soup was so sweet, so good.
Tomorrow, ABC juice --
Apples, Beets, and Carrots!

17 February 2013



1. Kiss – Josh trying to plant a wet one on Zoë



2.  Red – The finale of the Lion Dance performance –the unfolding of the banner (that roughly wishes everybody “Ten thousand things according to thy will.”)  There were two guys “inside” the lion up on a high pole being held upright by a group of men.  No safety net.  It was an amazing show.





3.  Love – Zoë reading to Baby Bear at bedtime.





4.  Smile




15 February 2013


They bicker.
He teases.  She teases back.
He gets frustrated.
She gets upset.
sometimes they are sweet
like this.


14 February 2013

Happy Love Day

People are back at work; the official Chinese New Year public holidays are over.  We had a few days of chilling out, meeting with friends, eating (way more than we should!)… and today, well, today, we are back to some semblance of normalcy.  Both Josh and Zoë are still home, though.  School is out for the rest of the week.

I have a morning date with Zoë to go pick up her passport.  She has asked to go to Starbucks afterwards.  Zoë loves the iced shaken spearmint tea with lemon, just like me!   In the afternoon, Josh has agreed to be my date when I go pick up another passport.   We will probably stop by and grab some bubble tea on the way back.  Chris and I will have a dinner date in the evening.   Three love day dates!

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day!

12 February 2013

Chi Lin Nunnery

I went on a photo walk with a friend and we found ourselves at the Chi Lin Nunnery in the heart of busy, bustling Kowloon.  I never thought that a place as serene could exist right smack in the middle of the city.  It is almost like the city sprouted up around this place and left it untouched.

It was raining ever so, so lightly.  I’m not even sure if it would classify as rain.  It felt more like I was walking through a very fine mist of spray of Evian.  You could see the rain and it looked more like snow flurries.  (See that part of the photo near the roofs.)  It was magical.


11 February 2013

Once in a while it is nice to push one’s creative limits…

When I first learned that this is what we are to do for this month’s project, I was thinking, “Hmm, I will have to find out how to do this.”  When I finally read up on it, I had the challenge of coming up with what to shoot.

Procrastinator that I am, this (composite) photo below was taken this afternoon!  The kids were good sports and played and spun while I shot away.


Then came the challenge of selecting which shots to use and then stitching them together.  Tedious, but fun at the same time.  Zoë saw the picture and was amazed that there were two of her and two of Josh!


The Creativity Project is a monthly blog circle with a new theme each month.  This month’s theme is Image Sequencing.  Please head on over to visit Marvett’s blog (Savoring the Simple) and check out what she came up with.  You will get a prompt from Marvett on whom to visit next.  Do hop along to all the ladies in the group and say hi.  We’d also love for you to try to come up with something similar and share it on our Facebook page.

10 February 2013

Today is the first day of the Year of the Snake… so happy lunar new year!

The kids have the week off from school.

Chris has three days off from work.

Time to chill, time to meet up with friends.

I love long holidays, even when we don’t have anything major planned.




1.   The Small Things





2.  Illustration





3.  Valentine


Family Heart



4.  Work of Art – Zoë drew this today. She says it’s me. 





5.  Window Beauty


05 February 2013

An Arty Afternoon

Josh’s latest unit of inquiry is How We Express Ourselves and they have been learning about art.  Upon coming home from school today, he grabbed my dad’s book of paintings from the shelf and started leafing through.  He said he was looking for “inspiration.”

Then he got out some watercolor paper, brushes, a palette, and watercolor paints.  Zoë, who was doing something else at the time, wanted in on the action, too.  So both of them got on the floor and started painting away.


Josh adding blades of grass…


Presenting “The Knight.”  On the drawbridge, ready to defend the castle.


Zoë putting the final touches to her rainbow castle.


Rainbow castle, fireworks. princess with a basket of apples.


I love these kinds of afternoons.

03 February 2013

I have been using my Big Girl camera a lot less lately.  It is so easy and so convenient with the phone.  I just whip it out and snap away.  Granted the quality of photos is not as good, but I don’t have sore shoulders or an aching back from lugging around the big camera.  That said, I do think that I need at least one day out just walking around with the Big Girl.  I kind of miss her.

1.  Hidden – Can you see the strawberry?  In a couple of weeks, it looks like we might have a strawberry or two.


2.  Plain – Josh has been asking us for a pet dog.  It is highly unlikely that we will get one.  I was explaining to him why when a lady who was walking her dogs overheard us and she offered for Josh to walk one of the dogs… all the way back to where we’d parked our car.  Now that is just plain kindness.  (Sorry, really stretching this one…)

3.  Left – Here, we drive on the left side of the road, but the driver is on the right side of the car.  It took a bit of getting used to.  I might still sometimes, on unfamiliar roads, turn onto the wrong side of the road (!).


4.  Fast  - I had to snap this fast as the bus pulls up to the stop.


5.  Peace – View from out the window at 00:57.  All is quiet, all is peaceful.

Photo: View from the window at 00:57.

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