29 March 2013

Warhol in the Dark

The children are on a two-week term holiday.  My friend and I are trying to coordinate and plan activities for the kids during this break.  There’s an Andy Warhol exhibit that goes on until the end of the month at the Museum of Art.  Josh had been to see it with his class, but he said that he wouldn’t mind seeing it again.  I wanted to check it out.  So off we went.


I’m really glad we went.  Predictably, Josh had a better appreciation of the exhibit than Zoë.  Zoë enjoyed the photo wall at the entrance to the exhibit more.  We got to go up to this ‘camera,’ have our picture taken and then choose our Warhol-esque colors before our photo got displayed on this big wall.  The silver ‘pillow’ balloons were a big hit with the kids.  They spent quite a bit of time running around catching the balloons and then tossing them up again.

After the exhibit, we headed over to Mei Foo for Dialogue in the Dark (DID).  For 75 minutes, we got to experience how it is not being able to see.  Each of us was given a walking stick at the beginning of the tour.  As we entered the darkness, we had to follow the voice of our guide, Eunice, who helped us navigate our way inside.  

For want of a better word, it was a really eye-opening experience.  We had to rely on our other senses to find our way through.  The tour simulated being in a forest, in a theatre, in the market, crossing the street, getting on and off the ferry, etc.  We even got to buy refreshments and eat in the dark.  The tour concluded with a brief Q&A session with our guide, who’s visually-impaired.  We asked if Braille is different in different languages;  we asked how ‘friendly’ she finds Hong Kong in terms of ease of getting around (she has lived in China and the US before).  Josh asked whether or not she has a smart phone.

The kids seemed to have had an easier time adjusting to the darkness than I did.  Zoë, at some points, was almost dragging me along.  I had to ask her to slow down.  For some reason, the children (Josh, Zoë, and my friends’ son) just seemed more sure-footed and adjusted more easily.   I was more tentative.  Though she was a bit nervous about the tour at the beginning, Zoë told me later on that she was proud of herself for having done the tour, that she 'loved' it, and that she wants to do it again.  (I’d only found out only after I’d booked the tour that DID recommends that children be at least 8 to join the tour.  Oh, well.  Eunice told Zoë when the tour concluded that she did very well.) 

It was a long day.  We left home at half past noon and didn’t get home until past 8pm.  Both Josh and Zoë were tired, but excited about where we went and what we did.  I’m glad that we got to do something different.

Little by Little Friday Photo Journal the long road

26 March 2013


At a birthday party that Zoë attended, the girls got their nails painted.
Of course, she chose a different color for each hand.
Of course, she chose ‘sparkly’ colors.


When I was a little girl, I used to want to wear nail polish and make up, too.  I would lock myself in the bathroom and help myself to my aunt’s make-up kit or try on her nail polish.  When someone would knock on the door asking what I was up to, I would quickly take off the nail polish with a nail polish remover or smear Pond’s cold cream all over my face to wipe off the make-up.   Then I would innocently walk out like I didn’t sneak into my aunt’s make-up kit or nail polish stash. 

I outgrew my love affair with make-up and nail polish.  I mean, I still ‘like’ them, but I am not crazy gaga over them anymore like I was when I was a little girl.  I’m hoping Zoë will, too.

When would you consider a girl “old enough” to start wearing nail polish?

21 March 2013

Card Shark

Chris came up with a card game that kept the kids occupied for a bit.  Each of them had a pile of cards and on the count of three, they each had to put a card down on the table – face up.  Whoever had the highest card got to keep the pile.  If there was a tie, then they continue on and whoever had the highest card in the next round would get to keep all the cards on the pile.  The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.


The only other card games that they know are Old Maid, Crazy Eight, and Go Fish.   What cards games do you play with the kids?

19 March 2013

See the Resemblance?

I always thought that Zoë
looks like my maternal grandmother.
What do you think?

PoPo and Zoe

15 March 2013

Growing Up

Have you ever looked at your child and gotten a glimpse of what he or she will be like when the teenage years hit?

I find myself getting more of that lately.   Not just in terms of the things that Josh says or do or how much food he eats (!), but also in the way he looks.    


The little boy is still there for sure.  He still plays with his Lego sets, he still loves to draw fighting scenes. Not that he will admit it publicly, but he still loves a cuddle and a hug.  He still pushes boundaries and is quick with a sheepish ‘sorry’ when caught.  He still  teases his little sister.

Little by little, though, he is growing up.   He argues his points with a logic that is hard to fault.   He is a lot more independent.  He is quick to offer to help.  I hear him and his friends refer to each other as ‘dudes’ over the phone.  Much as he loves to make faces whenever the camera’s pointed at him, he readily posed for me for this photo.  Without direction from me, he plopped down on the grass, put his hands behind his head and called out to me to take the shot.


When he looks like this, I see a glimpse of a teenage Josh.  His cheeks are still chubby, but he doesn’t look as baby-ish anymore.  He has that “I’m cool” look going here.

Man, I love this little dude.

12 March 2013

A Different Light

Sometimes something ordinary, something we walk by everyday becomes startlingly pretty and special when viewed in a different light.


11 March 2013

This month the theme for our Creativity Project is ‘Lines.’  From the PictureCorrect --

A very powerful method of improving the composition of photos is the use of lines. Properly used, lines can significantly increase the impact of images.

Lines serve to affect photographic composition in two ways. First, they serve to create a mood. Second, they lead the eye through the photograph. By affecting mood, lines add emotional content to images. By leading the viewer’s eye, they keep the viewer’s attention focused on the image.
Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (1)

This week I did take some photos with this in mind, but I want to start this post with the photos I took at the Kettle Valley Trestles in Kelowna.  The trestles were a great opportunity to practice shooting ‘lines.’

Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (2)

Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (3)

The hoops in the pic below is more of an ‘implied’ line rather than an actual line.


At the stadium, watching the joggers run around the track.


Trying to do a lap himself…


The Creativity Project is a monthly blog circle with a new theme each month.  This month’s theme is Lines.  Please head on over to visit Sharon’s blog (The Covert Lens) and check out what she came up with.  You will get a prompt from Sharon whom to visit next.  Do hop along to all the ladies in the group and say hi.  We’d also love for you to share  your “Line” photos on our Facebook page.

08 March 2013

Finding Balance

I need this.
Some days I feel that I have it.
Some days I don’t.
What’s the secret?


If you know it, could you please share?

07 March 2013

Athletics Day

This week the kids’ school is having their Athletics Day for the different year levels.  Tuesday was Zoë’s. Today is Josh’s.  The school used to hold one Sports Day for all the year levels and then last year, they did separate ones for Lower Primary and Upper Primary.  This year, each year level gets their own Athletics Day.  I like it better this way.  I won’t have to run back and forth between Josh’s and Zoë’s events or worry about missing any of them.

All the kids did a series of 10 events (a decathlon) –slightly different sets of activities between Josh’s and Zoë’s year levels.  Josh’s year did the Balance Test, Standing Long Jump, Chest Push, Speed Bounce, Target Throw,  Vertical Jump, Hi-Stepper, Foam Javelin, Shuttle Run, and Standing Triple-Jump.

(Zoë doing the Foam Javelin.)

Zoë’s best event was the Speed Bounce and Josh’s was the Hi-Stepper.  It’s really interesting noting how each kid could do better at some events vs. other activities.

The children all seemed to really enjoy themselves, cheering their friends on, getting all pumped up when they knew that they did very well.  It was quite a treat for the parents who were able to go and attend the event.   We got a chance to meet and socialize a bit in-between taking pictures and cheering on the kids.

(Josh “shooting” me back.)
Little by Little 

05 March 2013

Fun with Glow Sticks

The kids got to play with some glow sticks the other night and while the boys used theirs as light sabres to fight with, the girls got really creative and came up with some pretty cool designs.  Zoë and her friend called this “The Lollipop Tree.”


04 March 2013

Busy, Busy March

My life, it seems, is planned in chunks of ‘weeks.’  I have a routine going around different days of the week.  I go through each day and each day rolls into the next and the next.  A week finishes, a new one begins. 


I woke up Sunday morning, looked at my watch and started panicking.  It’s 7:15am and the kids are still in bed; they’re going to miss the school bus!  I went to their room and woke them up, only to be greeted by complaints of me waking them up so early on a Sunday.  Sunday?!  I had thought it’s Monday. *cue ‘weh, weh, weh’ music*

Looking at my calendar this month, it seems that we have something planned for every single weekend.  A couple of double bookings, even.  A sleepover, two chess tournaments, Rite of Enrolment, a birthday party, a conference on parenting effectiveness training, and Easter.  We also have field trips, both kids’ Athletics Day (on separate days), a popcorn sale, Dress Casual Day, and the start of swim classes again this month.  All this is making my head spin.

How is your March coming along?

03 March 2013

1.  Red – I love bougainvillea, especially in this shade of red.


2.  Orange – Taken at the Nan Lian Garden.


3.  Yellow – The logo at a sushi place that we frequent.


4.  Green


5.  Blue – Had to dig this one from the archives…


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