07 March 2013

Athletics Day

This week the kids’ school is having their Athletics Day for the different year levels.  Tuesday was Zoë’s. Today is Josh’s.  The school used to hold one Sports Day for all the year levels and then last year, they did separate ones for Lower Primary and Upper Primary.  This year, each year level gets their own Athletics Day.  I like it better this way.  I won’t have to run back and forth between Josh’s and Zoë’s events or worry about missing any of them.

All the kids did a series of 10 events (a decathlon) –slightly different sets of activities between Josh’s and Zoë’s year levels.  Josh’s year did the Balance Test, Standing Long Jump, Chest Push, Speed Bounce, Target Throw,  Vertical Jump, Hi-Stepper, Foam Javelin, Shuttle Run, and Standing Triple-Jump.

(Zoë doing the Foam Javelin.)

Zoë’s best event was the Speed Bounce and Josh’s was the Hi-Stepper.  It’s really interesting noting how each kid could do better at some events vs. other activities.

The children all seemed to really enjoy themselves, cheering their friends on, getting all pumped up when they knew that they did very well.  It was quite a treat for the parents who were able to go and attend the event.   We got a chance to meet and socialize a bit in-between taking pictures and cheering on the kids.

(Josh “shooting” me back.)
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