30 April 2013

Finding My Mojo

I haven’t really picked up the big-girl camera for a while.  What little photos I have taken lately were mostly taken with my phone.  Even my Instagram uploads have been few and far between. 

The weather has been wet and not bright.  I have been busy with this and that.  If I let myself, I could come up with a thousand excuses why I haven’t been taking more pictures. 

(Photo taken by Yon Chung)

Do I still love to take pictures?  Yes.  I miss taking photos.  I realize that if I want to carry on doing that, I need to make time.  I need to prioritize.  Candy Crush or taking pictures?   I have a photo walk scheduled with a friend later this week, so hopefully, I will get my mojo back. 

Because I have not taken a lot of photos lately, I’m sharing instead a photo that another friend took of me earlier this year.  You know that I haven’t taken many photos if I put a picture of myself in a blog post (!).  What started as just a simple photo walk turned into a fun portrait session.  She was really great at making me feel more comfortable in front of the camera and we had a good laugh over some of the poses we did.

What do you guys do to get your mojo back?


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