28 May 2013

The Strangers We Meet

While waiting for my friend, I saw this couple at a brisk jog in the park.  It’s not everyday that I see a man jogging with someone riding on their shoulders.  Maybe because I was smiling at them in amazement, they smiled at me when they got nearer, which made me brave enough to call out and ask them what they were doing.  The man stopped and told me that he’s working out and needs to build up strength in his legs.


I asked them if they would mind if I take a photo of them.  They gladly posed.

They went a couple of laps around and when they came back to where I was, he was giving her a piggyback ride.  One could only guess what their relationship is.  Whatever it might be, though, they make a fascinating couple.

I love how they both were color-coordinated –he, in blue and she in red.  Their colors together kind of remind me of Superman.


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