25 June 2013

Nancy Drew - Take Two

Digging around for a book to read, I saw a copy of The Clue in the Old Album on my mom’s bookshelf.  I’d pulled it out, started reading it and I was hooked.   When I’d finished that, I took out the other copy on the shelf, The Scarlet Slipper Mystery.  And so sparked my interest in the world of teenage sleuths and mystery-solving.  I think I was in third or fourth grade then.  I started checking out every Nancy Drew book I could find in the school library and when I couldn’t find Nancy Drew books, I would read Bobbsey Twins, Hardy Boys, Perry Mason… 


So you can imagine how happy I am that Zoë has discovered Nancy Drew and seems to be as hooked with them as I was back then.  She didn’t want to put it down and was reading it through lunch, while walking, on the car ride back home –pretty much any second she could grab. She said that she couldn’t wait to find out who the culprit was.   At one point, she and Josh (who was reading parts of it over her shoulder) were having a discussion on who they think was a more likely suspect.




Zoë is reading the Nancy Drew Notebooks series, which seems to be tailored to younger readers and features Nancy Drew as an 8-year old girl detective. 


I didn’t even know that they had anything beyond the classic Nancy Drew series.  I remember being surprised to see that this “new” series is also written by Carolyn Keene.  Wow, she must be really old now, I’d thought.  Intrigued, I googled and found out that Carolyn Keene is actually a collective pseudonym.  Did you know that?  Apparently, ghostwriters wrote the many different Nancy Drew books.  I also learned that apart from the Nancy Drew Notebooks, there are now also the Nancy Drew Files, Nancy Drew on Campus, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, and Nancy Drew (All-New) Girl Detective.


I guess now we all know what will make up the bulk of Zoë’s summer reading this year. 


18 June 2013

Little Shop of Smoothies

Zoë loves setting up shop.  She would come up with all types of things to sell.  Sometimes Josh would get into it and they both would spend quite some time prepping, doing up signs, decorating their “shop,” and planning their pricing and menu.

Coincidentally, this weekend, part of Josh’s homework was to set up a pretend shop and practice money sense.   So he took over Zoë’s shop of smoothies, revised her menu a bit, added prices, cooked up a promotion to attract customers.   Josh also made some paper currency for us to use when buying from their shop.


Zoë came up with some really creative concoctions.  There was Sparkle Smoothie (made up of glitters and beads); Jackie Smoothie  (made with jacks);  Bow-piette would be made up with her different hair bows;


the Spider Smoothie (in the orange cup –note the four “legs” sticking out on each side)… 


The names of the smoothies are mostly Zoë’s creation and Josh made sure to point that out in his homework sheet, because he didn’t want his classmates to think that he thought up all those “crazy girly names” for the smoothies.


Yes, the place was quite messy –what with scraps of paper everywhere, plastic cups and pens and other “necessary stuff” that they had hidden under their shop table (because they needed them for “ingredients”), pens and markers lying around… but I took a deep breath, sighed, and…

I smiled.
I love their pretend play.

14 June 2013

Grandpa, dad, husband, lover, boyfriend…
Son, cousins, friends, colleagues…
Teachers and coaches…
The old man who owns the bubble tea shop…
The subjects in my photos…
Mr. Postman, the courier guy…
Mr. E from my regular photo shop who takes the time to answer all my questions…
So many.


But my main man?  My main man is my husband.  The pictures below give you an idea why… but they barely tell the story.  He is all that you see below and so much more.



Zoë’s drawing of herself and Daddy.



Happy Father’s Day, Chris!

11 June 2013

Swimming in the Rain

Not counting the weekly swimming classes, this is our first dip in our pool this summer.   It was the perfect day for a swim –warm, but not too hot; the water was cool, not too cold. 


Zoë can now touch bottom without having to go on tippy toes and she was so happy.  The kids were swimming around like little tadpoles when suddenly the heavens opened up and it started to rain. 




I was teasing them telling them to quickly get out of the pool or they would get wet from the rain.  Zoë and Josh both told me in an exasperated tone, “But we are already wet!”


Josh floated on his back, eyes closed, mouth open, trying to catch the raindrops.  Zoë was just plain having fun –rain or not.


Apparently swimming in the rain was the highlight of their day when we did our “what-are-you-thankful-for-today” part that night.  I should take the kids out to play in the rain one of these days.  I’m sure I will be frowned upon or well-meaning old ladies here who would see me do that would advise me to take the kids in lest they get sick… but every child needs to experience playing in the rain at least once in their childhood.  Methinks.


07 June 2013

Bedtime Reading

Nothing pleases me more than walking into the kids’ room at bedtime
to find them both quietly reading.


“It is not true we have only one life to live; if we can read,
we can live as many lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.”
~ S.I. Hayakawa

04 June 2013

On the Floor

One Sunday afternoon,
the kids spent a few hours just like this --
on the floor
playing with Lego pieces…


making up stories,
playing out the scenes.

Small Lego pieces were strewn all over the floor.  It was quite a chaotic mess.  I was torn between exasperation over the mess –and the inevitable “lost” pieces that would eventually be found under the sofa, –and thankfulness that (1) both of them could lose themselves in imaginative play; (2) they collaborated quite well on the scenes they were playing out; (3) we could hear much giggles and laughter (and yes, the occasional protest or two)  as they created hilarious (to them) scenes for their characters.

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