09 July 2013

Amazing Lego Creations

Lego had a very cool Piece of Peace Word Heritage exhibit on Sunday, with Lego creations of World Heritage sites / features across the globe.  Some took but a few days to complete, others more than 20 days.  Most were done by one person, but a few were a team effort.

The exhibits were behind glass enclosures, hence the reflections.  There were so many people that taking photos of the each of the exhibits was a bit of a challenge, but I’d wanted to share some of them with you.

Egypt, The pandas in Sichuan (China), Guanajuato (Mexico)
Lego collage (1)

Temple of Heaven (China), A pyramid in Egypt, Mt. Fuji (Japan)
Lego collage (2)

Kathmandu (Nepal), Taj Mahal (India)
Lego collage (3)
(Edit: Thanks to AO for letting me know about the Nepal UNESCO World Heritage Site.)


Erin Sosa said...

Cool pyramid! See if you missed an amazing lego creation at http://goo.gl/qaECjO. They have stunning legos!

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