10 July 2013

The Creativity Project | Blurred

For me, blurred pictures are tossers… usually.  They remind me of what the world might look like if one is very drunk (not that I would know, ahem!).  I generally love my photos tack-sharp and the only blur I want is usually background blur (bokeh).    Sometimes, though, some people deliberately take blurred photos and I do have to admit that blurred photos sometimes do give us a different perspective of things.

2013-07-10 15.12.50

Imre explained it very well. 
Shooting blurred photos can be considered opposite of black and white photography - while black and white is about hiding colors to bring out shapes and shadows, blurring helps to reveal colors by hiding shapes and shadows.

This could be used for several purposes, like
  1. - to hide boring shapes that have interesting colors;
2013-07-10 15.08.12
  1. - to give feeling of motion;
Street Hockey (1)
  1. - to evoke memories - colors alone can trigger some memories stronger than same image with details - because only the colors match memories of other people, not the details;
  2. - to initiate curiosity - a blurred image and a catchy title might induce a person into taking some action, like reading accompanying article;
  3. - to differ from the ubiquitous super-sharp photography;
2013-07-10 15.06.16
  1. - to suggest a hurried "caught moment";
  2. - to suggest that someone is leaving (walked out of focus);
  3. - to create some new shapes with light sources leaving stripes in the frame.

As an example, Michael Orton is a photographer who has taken lots of great blurred images. The roots of creating blurry images are, however, much older, starting with (pre-)impressionist painters like Joseph Mallord William Turner (aka "the painter of light") and Claude Monet.

Go on and head over to Katherine’s blog (Most People Exist) and check out her blurred photos and then follow her link to the next one in The Creative Project’s circle.  Do visit us on our Facebook page and share with us some of your blurred photos, too!

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