29 August 2013


Maybe I haven’t really been looking earnestly, maybe it’s because Hong Kong is so densely populated, but I wish I could find a fairly isolated beach where I can catch a good sunset and do a photo shoot like the one we had at Santubong Beach in Sarawak.


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27 August 2013

Girl Cousins | 2013

Another summer.
Another three weeks together.


Until next year…


15 August 2013

Sunset at Santubong Beach

While staying at Damai, we decided to stop by Santubong Beach for a sunset shoot before dinner.  The beach was practically deserted at that time, except for us.  The kids were happy to be at the beach and immediately set about looking for hermit crabs.


It took a bit of calling to them to get them to come together when it came time for the shoot.  They just wanted to be back doing what they were doing.  Same thing trying to get them back in the cars to get to dinner.


I am so glad that we decided to stop by this beach.  It was low tide, it was deserted, and the light was just gorgeous.



13 August 2013

The Rafflesia

Deep in the jungles of Borneo blooms one of the biggest flowers in the world – the rafflesia.   We were lucky enough to see not just one, but two not too far apart. Saw a few buds as well. Apparently, these flowers take nine months from bud to full bloom and they only bloom for seven days.

This one below measures 82 cms and is the biggest recorded bloom thus far this year.  According to our guide, the biggest one on record was about 2.5 meters (!) and was found in Indonesia.


We had a short trek through the jungle –in the rain! –just to get to this flower.  It made for a fun adventure for the kids.  We had to step over roots, duck under vines, climb over mossy rocks.  We were all sopping wet by the time we go to the flower –partly from the rain and party from the high humidity.  It was so worth it, though!

12 August 2013

The photos below are taken during our holiday.
Lots of fun at the pool and at the beach…


Please head over to Julia’s blog and check out her water photos and then follow her link to the next one in The Creative Project’s circle.  Do visit us on our Facebook page and share with us some of your Water photos, too!

08 August 2013

In the Wild {2} - Orangutans

Another place we visited was the Semonggoh Wildlife Centre, approximately 24 kms out of Kuching.  It was awesome to be “in the wild” together with the orangutans, see them in their natural habitat, with no barriers between them and us.



What a cool experience for the kids.

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06 August 2013

In the Wild {1} | Crocodiles

We visited Jong’s Crocodile Farm while in Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia).  This is the closest I’ve ever been to a crocodile. The only thing separating me from this croc was a chain-link fence.  If I’d dared reach my arm through one of the holes, I could’ve touched it (and maybe have had my arm bitten off!).

There was this pond that was totally covered with tiny plants (like the ones you see on the croc above).  The only way you could tell there were crocs in the pond was when there was movement in the plants.  When the crocs come out from the pond, they’d be wearing these little pond plants on them.  These little pond plants looked a bit incongruous dotting the crocs’ heads and bodies –making the crocodiles look rather comical, but no less dangerous, for sure.

01 August 2013

Hong Kong at a Glance {3}

We visited the aviary at Hong Kong Park (or was it part of the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens…?) with the family.  It was hot and muggy that day, but we saw some really interesting birds. 


The kids were my “spotters.”  They kept pointing out birds to me and asking me to take pictures of them.  This little one here was a bit shy. It would just peek out a bit, look around, and retreat back inside.


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