24 September 2013

A Bit of Glow Stick Fun

Last Friday was the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Traditionally, children stay up late and are outside playing with lanterns and glow sticks. 

I got both Josh and Zoë each a tube of 50 glow sticks each for them to play with.  They also each had a thicker, bigger glow stick for their light sabre –Josh’s was green and Zoë’s was pink.


Josh was a bit more interested in his light sabre and went around waving it and doing different Jedi poses.


The tub of glow sticks came with some connectors and both of them had plenty of fun creating with the glow sticks. 


It was warm and muggy that night, but it was fun letting the kids stay up late to play downstairs.  With a full moon in the sky and plenty of other families out as well –with their lanterns and glow sticks, – it was quite a fun atmosphere.


19 September 2013

17 September 2013

My friend and I went to Sham Shui Po for a photo walk, but ended up mostly shopping instead!   I’d needed to get some red yarn and tassels to help make the kids’ Chinese lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival.  She had needed to get some fabric to make a top for her daughter.


Every time I go to Sham Shui Po, I am overwhelmed by the variety of things that one can get there for a fraction of the price that one would usually pay over in town.  Every time I go there, I get lost (literally and figuratively).  I just let my feet lead me from one street down the other, from one shop down the next… and I often end up having to ask for directions back to the MTR station.


This trip, we mainly stayed around the fabric market, along Yu Chau Street.  Just seeing the pretty fabric samples all hanging there makes me wish that I could sew well.


We also came across this one shop that sells leather… makes me wish I know how to make a bag!


The fabrics, the ribbons, the beads, the buttons, the threads… they make my head spin.  The prices are great, the selection quite wide.  I was very tempted to get yards and yards of fabric, but in the end got only a couple yards of some light cotton to make some table napkins.  At HK$8 (US$1!) per yard, one could easily go crazy.  The next time I will make a trip there, I will go with a plan (of what to make), so that I will know what I’ll need to get and how much.  It’s too easy to be tempted into getting everything, because the prices are so reasonable.

Life has been made crazy around here.
School is in full swing now.
New stationery, new teachers, new classmates.

Starting a new portfolio…


…and back to the grind of practicing how to write Chinese characters
in preparation for dictation tests.


Please head on over to Julia and check out her lovely, lovely back-to-school photos.

10 September 2013


Haiphong Road (Tsimshatsui, Kowloon)

around 6:00 pm…


Mon - Sep 9, 2013 photo e7a8da83-632e-4570-ac27-7cc48a3c1023_zps245ca8b8.jpg

05 September 2013

Underwater Somersaults

We’d been spending a lot of time in the water this summer. Zoë learned how to do somersaults underwater and the kids had lots of fun showing off their underwater skills.

My nephew, Big K, showing me he could do five somersaults in a row.


Linking up with Little Things Thursday.

03 September 2013

Playing With Fire

We attended a show when we visited the Sarawak Cultural Village this summer.  It was very interesting, very colorful.  There were dances performed by the different cultural tribes, showcasing different costumes, different musical instruments.  There was audience participation.  They got a girl from the audience to take part in a blowpipe shootout, incorporating a funny  skit into the act.  They also got a man to go onstage and challenged him to lick a live flame from a candle…




I have to say, that guy was a good sport.  He initially got onstage because he thought he was simply going to get back the lighter that one of the performers had borrowed to light the flame.  Little did he realize that he would be kept onstage to try and do what the performer had done –to lick the flame!  He did it… we all applauded his game-ness and all was fine.


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