31 October 2013

A Gourd, A Gourd

…I think it might be a gourd
of some sort.
But I have no idea really
what this is.


Josh is away for two nights.  He’s at camp with his class.  It’s a tad too quiet without him here.  Every now and then, Zoë would tell us, “I miss KoKo.”  We all miss him.  From what I could see in the pics that the teachers have posted, they’re having a blast.  I had worried about him being away from us for the first time. I had worried about whether or not he would remember to hang up his towel after his shower.  I had worried about whether he would lose or misplace anything.  A tiny part of me still worry a bit, but… he’s with his friends, he’s having fun and I will give him the biggest hug and kiss when he comes back (even if he’ll be all dirty and smelly)!

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29 October 2013

Here are some of the interesting “food”
that we saw during our visit to Tai O last week…

Boiled eggs and quails’ eggs

Salted eggs (Day 3 under the sun)

Dried citrus peelsDried-citrus-peel-(1)

More dried citrus peels.  These ones have just been laid out to dry
(vs. the ones above that have been out under the sun longer).

We saw a couple of ladies cooking these snails in hot chili oil…
getting ready for the lunchtime crowd.
No, I didn’t sample any of these, although I was tempted by the baked prawns with cheese (going for HK$35 / almost US$8 each).

24 October 2013

Hong Kong at a Glance {7} | Tai O

I finally made it to Tai O (大澳), a small fishing village somewhere on Lantau Island.  I’d always wanted to visit and check out for myself the “Venice of Hong Kong.”  Tai O is known for its stilt houses and its (dried) salted fish and shrimp paste industries.




It was quite a trek from the city and after driving in to Tung Chung, we still had another 35 minutes or so in a cab (because only cars with permits are allowed on Lantau) before we got there.  The visit was worth the trip, though.  It was quite an interesting place, with plenty of local flavor. 

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22 October 2013

Fly, Fly, Butterfly

Sometimes something as simple
as getting a few good shots
of a beautiful butterfly in flight
is enough to make my day…

Butterfly (1)



Here’s wishing you an abundance of life’s simple joys.

17 October 2013

Dancing Princess (2)

Zoë had some friends over for a play date and she wanted to do more of the watercolor princesses with them.  I got the brushes and the watercolor out for them… and could not resist sitting down and doing one of my own again. 

This princess looks like she has blue bunny ears and a cinnamon roll stuck to the side of her head.  Zoë and I had a good laugh over this one.   Josh refers to this princess as the Lollipop Princess (because it seems like she has a giant chocolate lolly stuck to her)!


15 October 2013

Dancing Princess (1)

Zoe borrowed a book from the library the other day and she wanted to draw some dancing princesses.  She was having fun with watercolors and I thought I’d join in the fun as well.

Dancing Princess (1)

11 October 2013


This year, as part of their PE program, Josh’s grade got to play some cricket.  This morning, all the parents were invited to watch them play.  Now, I know next to nothing about cricket, but being there in the field under the hot sun and watching the children play was really fun.  I think I even learned a tiny bit about how cricket works.  I think.



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08 October 2013

Hula Hoops and Chess

Josh had another chess competition on Sunday… and as with previous chess meets, this one was a whole-day affair, starting from 8:30am and finishing at 5pm. 


Zoë came along and decided to stay throughout the competition.  She found some hula hoops and kept herself entertained.   She wanted to try to do two hoops at once.  She asked me to hand over to her the blue (smaller) hoop when she got going with the bigger, yellow one… and off she went, spinning both.  She’s a master hoola-hooper now!


Tue - Oct 8, 2013 photo Doublehulahoop_zps040cabe8.jpg
Meanwhile, Josh was in the hall playing seven rounds of chess.  He came in 7th overall… I guess 7 was the lucky number of the day for him!  He was super stoked about the medal, as you can see below.  He’s with his buddy, J, with whom he plays chess every week.  Yay, Josh!

04 October 2013

Air Time!

For someone who didn’t want to put her face under water,

she’s become quite the water baby.

She could not touch bottom in this pool,




but it didn’t stop her from jumping in… again and again!



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01 October 2013


What with the cooler weather these days,
I just feel like napping.
Except I don’t get to as often as I want.

(A shop lady at the Fabric Market in Sham Shui Po)

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