31 October 2013

A Gourd, A Gourd

…I think it might be a gourd
of some sort.
But I have no idea really
what this is.


Josh is away for two nights.  He’s at camp with his class.  It’s a tad too quiet without him here.  Every now and then, Zoë would tell us, “I miss KoKo.”  We all miss him.  From what I could see in the pics that the teachers have posted, they’re having a blast.  I had worried about him being away from us for the first time. I had worried about whether or not he would remember to hang up his towel after his shower.  I had worried about whether he would lose or misplace anything.  A tiny part of me still worry a bit, but… he’s with his friends, he’s having fun and I will give him the biggest hug and kiss when he comes back (even if he’ll be all dirty and smelly)!

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