12 November 2013


Those who do not know are fearless.  Did somebody famous say that?  If not, then I lay claim to the quote.

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We had signed Josh up for Team Fear.  He is racing as a team with two of his schoolmates.  According to the organizers, they will be doing “coast steering, rock scrambling, biking, running and water jumping, and this year the total distance will be about 11 km.” Something like a kid version of a triathlon.

Last Saturday, because Chris was out of town, I’d accompanied Josh and his team (and their dads) on a practice run.  We did the rock scrambling part and a bit of a hike up a hill.   The rock scrambling part was by (up?) the gorge.  It was more challenging than I’d expected.  It was like rock-climbing without a harness.  Certain parts were slippery and therefore treacherous, but the children held up very well.  I actually had fun, despite my now screaming muscles.  It made me want to take up rock-climbing again.

When we finally made it out of the gorge, I’d thought to myself, “That wasn’t bad at all. I survived and more importantly, I didn’t embarrass Josh.”  I’d thought that we were done.  Not so.  We were to still hike up a hill that seemed to me like it would take months before we would reach the summit.  Still I gamely trudged on, holding up the rear.  We’d reached a point almost to the top when I spotted a flat rock, with a bit of shade.  I claimed my throne and waved them on, telling them that I would meet up with them on their way down (the same path), and caught my breath and hydrated myself.

It took us all of two hours to complete what we did, but apparently, that was only about half of the course that the kids will do on race day.  I asked Josh if he was game enough to jump off the jetty (about 2- to 2.5 meters high) and he said yes.  He’s pretty excited about the race, as are his friends.  It’s their first time participating.  All I pray is that the weather on race day will be beautiful and that all will finish with no injury.


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