26 November 2013

Team Fear… Conquered!

What a day.  I sit here now trying to find the right words to describe how the day went, how we felt –the excitement, the nervousness, the feeling that you’re part of something character-building, the exhilaration, the pride, that thank-God-it’s-over-but-we-can’t-wait-to-do-it-again-next-year kind of relief.

Team Fear Collage (1)
First row: Before the start of the race; ..and they’re off!; coast-steering.
Second row: Swimming to shore after the jetty jump, rock-scrambling/at the gorge, biking
Third row: The hike/run up the hill; race to the finish line; They did it!

Josh and his team did well and we couldn’t be prouder of them.  I don’t have their official finish time yet, but I reckon they completed the race in about three hours.  I was one of the marshals, so I’d missed their start and their finish and the only part where I saw them was when they rode past my station on their bikes. (A huge thank you to the parents of Josh’s teammates for the photos above, as I didn’t get a chance to take pictures!)

You’ll see in the pictures above pretty much what they had to do throughout the race, with the exception of the jetty jump.  I don’t have pictures of that, only a video.  They had to jump off a 3- to 4-metre wall into the water.  Josh said that was the most fun part of the race for him.  Before jumping, he’d asked if there were rocks below and when assured that the water was deep enough for him to jump without hitting any rocks, he just took off – no hesitation.  I must have watched the video at least 50 times and each time, I’m just in awe of how brave he was.

When I finally saw Josh after everyone had finished the race, he already had his medal hanging on his neck.  I don’t know who was prouder of his achievement –me or him.  He was all grimy and sweaty, but I gave him a hug anyway. 

Josh says that he definitely wants to do the race again next year.  I’m very grateful to the Team Fear organizers for putting this race together year after year (12 years running now).  I think the race gives the children a sense of great accomplishment and a sense of what it means to be part of a team. 

Now, off to round up sponsors for Josh for completing the race. The money raised will be collected by the organizing committee and “will be donated to local charities for under-privileged children and the needy in Hong Kong, in particular the Youth Outreach.”  (Please email me at buckeroomama@gmail.com if you want to be one of Josh’s sponsors.)


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