04 December 2013

Holding on to Summer a Bit Longer

We had a little sunny getaway last week… to Cebu (again and again!).  Chris had been there for over a week for a conference and it’s the longest time he had been away from us.  We decided that I would fly down with the children and meet him after his conference was over and spend the weekend there.  That kind of helped the kids not miss Daddy as much.  It helped that they had Cebu to look forward to… and all the fun they would have there and the promise of dining at one of their favorite restaurants in the resort (where there’s a chocolate fountain!).

It was nice to have a taste of summer weather again.  The kids did what they always do whenever we’re there:  swim in the pools, go up and down the slides, play at Adventure Zone, do arts and crafts, have fun at the beach.  Josh went snorkelling again, while Zoe stayed closer to shore and busied herself burying treasures for us to find.  They built sandcastles.  Josh got his fill of bacon and omelettes (with lots of cheese). Zoe got her fill of sushi.  Both had their fill of any type of dessert they fancied.  They were both begging to stay longer.

I am sure we’ll be back.  Soon.


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