30 January 2014

Healthier, Yummier

We’ve been enjoying this breakfast treat this week – overnight refrigerator oats.  I got the original recipe from here, but have tweaked the recipe a bit for our family.  So far, I’ve only made the strawberry and the blueberry/maple syrup (below) ones.


I use a 0.25L jar and for each jar, this is my base recipe:

1/8 cup rolled oats
1/8 cup Greek yogurt
about 1/4 cup milk
1+ tsp chia seeds

I find this amount just right for one serving.   After you have the four basic ingredients mixed together, you can add whatever fruits, flavoring, sweetener you want.   So far, we've tried adding strawberries (with nothing else) and blueberries (with 1 tsp maple syrup).  Sometimes the kids have a small side dish of their cereal of choice to eat along with this.

If we are not able to finish a jar, we simply put the lid back and pop the jar in the fridge to eat later as a snack.  I’m not a big fan of oats, but there are so many things I love about this.  It’s so easy to prepare.  It’s healthy and best of all, it’s yummy.

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22 January 2014

Thinking Out Loud

What makes one person view the cup as half-full and another, half-empty?

Sometimes I worry that I am over-parenting.

It is perfectly okay to sit through a marathon of  The Good Wife.


Why does it feel like no matter how much I throw out, there is still so much junk?

Embracing the 40’s means embracing reading glasses.

I need to sort out my pantry and see what I have, what’s expiring soon.

I want to see Jasmine Blue when it comes out.  Can’t wait.


Your turn.  What’s on your mind?


15 January 2014

Rainbow Loom

The kids each got one of these for Christmas and we’ve been a bracelet- and ring-making factory ever since.  Zoe, especially.  She would wear the creations to school and would come back with “orders” from her friends –down to color combinations.

Photo: The little miss is busy making bracelets for her friends.  Apparently she has many  'orders' from friends wanting what she wore to school today.  Thanks, Gertrude and Therese - the kids are kept busy.  :)   (No. 2 of #Project 52)

I have to say that I have been having as much fun with the looms as they have.  I have been checking out the tutorials on YouTube for more special creations.  Doing up these bracelets and rings have been therapeutic.  I could totally lose myself and do one after another.


13 January 2014

I Heart Faces | Best Face of 2013

I knew right away which picture I wanted to enter for this…. and the timing could not have been more perfect (today’s his birthday!). This is a picture of my husband and those of you who know him would agree that this is so totally him –a big goofball.  


We were at the pool and the kids were taking turns jumping into the water.   Chris decided to join in the fun.  He took a running jump, holding on to his shorts, telling the kids that he’s afraid that his pants might fall off when he hits the water.  Of course, that got the kids giggling and laughing hard.




To the special guy who always knows how to make me laugh and who inspires me to be a better me, who is a most wonderful father to our children, and the one whom I love and trust most in the world –happy birthday.

Photo Challenge Submission 

10 January 2014

I am still on holiday mode.

New Year’s resolutions?

What New Year’s resolutions?

But… it IS a new year.

A fresh beginning.

A new page.






I am looking forward to better this year.  A better me, better at organizing, better at taking deep breaths, better at staying the course, better at seeing the good and the beautiful, better at accepting, better at giving.  Better.  Starting fresh.



Please head on over to Kris and check out her Fresh photos and follow on to check out the others in our circle and their photos for Fresh.   We’d love to see your interpretation for Fresh, too; please share them with us over at our Facebook page!

08 January 2014

Ninja Moves!

Over the holidays, the kids had some fun over at our friend’s place.   Along their driveway is this sloping wall and the kids thought it fun to “run” up the wall and jump off when they couldn’t run any higher.  They did it again and again… and again.

NinjaMoves collage


Of course, anything Josh does, the little miss wants to do, too.


Then she got the brilliant idea of twisting away from the wall when she jumps off.


…and she kept showing off “her move.”


I hope everyone of you had a wonderful holiday.  We did.  My parents came over for a visit and it was pretty much a spoilfest for the kiddies.  Days were spent building the Lego sets they got for Christmas, playing Minecraft, reading books, eating out, baking, eating some more, going out… just basically chilling with the family.

Two days into the first full week of January and I think I’m still in holiday mode.  With Chinese New Year creeping up so soon (end of Jan), I have a ton of pre-spring cleaning to do.  In-between, there will be plenty of baking, as both my boys’ birthdays are coming up –barely a week apart!

How is your year shaping out so far?

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