13 January 2014

I Heart Faces | Best Face of 2013

I knew right away which picture I wanted to enter for this…. and the timing could not have been more perfect (today’s his birthday!). This is a picture of my husband and those of you who know him would agree that this is so totally him –a big goofball.  


We were at the pool and the kids were taking turns jumping into the water.   Chris decided to join in the fun.  He took a running jump, holding on to his shorts, telling the kids that he’s afraid that his pants might fall off when he hits the water.  Of course, that got the kids giggling and laughing hard.




To the special guy who always knows how to make me laugh and who inspires me to be a better me, who is a most wonderful father to our children, and the one whom I love and trust most in the world –happy birthday.

Photo Challenge Submission 
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