08 January 2014

Ninja Moves!

Over the holidays, the kids had some fun over at our friend’s place.   Along their driveway is this sloping wall and the kids thought it fun to “run” up the wall and jump off when they couldn’t run any higher.  They did it again and again… and again.

NinjaMoves collage


Of course, anything Josh does, the little miss wants to do, too.


Then she got the brilliant idea of twisting away from the wall when she jumps off.


…and she kept showing off “her move.”


I hope everyone of you had a wonderful holiday.  We did.  My parents came over for a visit and it was pretty much a spoilfest for the kiddies.  Days were spent building the Lego sets they got for Christmas, playing Minecraft, reading books, eating out, baking, eating some more, going out… just basically chilling with the family.

Two days into the first full week of January and I think I’m still in holiday mode.  With Chinese New Year creeping up so soon (end of Jan), I have a ton of pre-spring cleaning to do.  In-between, there will be plenty of baking, as both my boys’ birthdays are coming up –barely a week apart!

How is your year shaping out so far?


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