15 January 2014

Rainbow Loom

The kids each got one of these for Christmas and we’ve been a bracelet- and ring-making factory ever since.  Zoe, especially.  She would wear the creations to school and would come back with “orders” from her friends –down to color combinations.

Photo: The little miss is busy making bracelets for her friends.  Apparently she has many  'orders' from friends wanting what she wore to school today.  Thanks, Gertrude and Therese - the kids are kept busy.  :)   (No. 2 of #Project 52)

I have to say that I have been having as much fun with the looms as they have.  I have been checking out the tutorials on YouTube for more special creations.  Doing up these bracelets and rings have been therapeutic.  I could totally lose myself and do one after another.



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