21 February 2014


My current pair of reading glasses.
My current book.


It’s hard for me to be in-between books, so I make sure that I have at least of couple books on hand that I can reach for once I finish with current one.  Lucky for me that our library is just down the block and that I can reserve and renew books online. (I love our public library system!)  We can borrow up to eight books at a time per library card.  The kids each have their own and Chris and I have our own, but we also have my mom’s and my MIL’s at our disposal, which is really great.

One of the things that I am very thankful for is that both Josh and Zoë love reading.  When they have their noses in a book, they’re oblivious to whatever else is happening around them. I usually have to call their names several times to get their attention.  I don’t get too upset, though (exasperated at times, yes), because both Chris and I get that way sometimes, too.

What’s on your reading list this week?

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