28 March 2014

{Pen} Friends

My pen pal from when I was 11 (!) was here visiting the past week and we had a great time exploring Hong Kong together.  I got to go to a couple of places that I’d never visited before –in all the 18+ years that I have been living here.

(Wisteria outside the walls of the Po Lin Monastery)

D and I started writing to each other when we were 11 and have kept in touch all these years.  It started with letters.  Then there were emails and now there’s Facebook.  We had met up twice before.  The last time was just two years ago when we summered in the city where she now lives.

It’s D’s first time to Hong Kong.  Of course, we went to The Peak, rode the cable car and visited the Big Buddha, had dim sum and bubble tea.  We checked out the Ladies Market,  took the escalators up to SoHo, visited the Man Mo Temple;  strolled through Laskar Row; rode the MTR and found the 10,000 Buddhas in Sha Tin; visited the Po Lin Monastery and the Chi Lin Nunnery; marvelled at the bonsais at the Nan Lian Garden.  We took the Star Ferry and walked down the Avenue of Stars.  We were even lucky enough to catch sight of the Aqua Luna with its sails up.  On a couple of days, D even went with me and helped out at the kids’ school.

Josh and Zoë both enjoyed having D in the house with us.  She got us playing Heads Up and Zoë almost always ropes D in to play cards with her.  Zoë even learned a new card trick from D that she’s keen to show to anybody who would be her willing audience.  D also patiently sat through one of Josh’s and Zoë’s skits that they threw together on the spot.

It’s been a pleasure to have D visit with us and funny how quickly 10 days flew by.  It’s back to school for her when she gets back (she’s a primary school teacher) and it’s back to regular routines for us… well, at least until my parents visit in just a couple of weeks.

26 March 2014


The weather has warmed up.
I can now wear shorts.
I can now wear short sleeves.
The trees are not as bare anymore.
Little shoots everywhere.
Peeking out from unexpected places.


I wonder if I can start putting away the winter clothes…?

(By the way, congratulations to Leanne M. for winning the Loomey Time watch giveaway !  I will email you for details.)

19 March 2014

We are still knee-deep in small rubber bands of different colors.  Our looms are still sitting out here where we can quickly do up a bracelet or two anytime we feel like it.  We’ve taken the looms on play dates where Zoë and here friend would sit quietly and loom away.

Imagine how thrilled we were when we were contacted by Loomey Time to see if we would like to review their product –a watch that could attach to Rainbow Loom bracelets for a cool Rainbow Loom watch.  Of course, we said yes.  It so happens that Zoë’s class is learning about time, how to tell time, so this was just perfect.

Zoë’s Bubblegum Loomey Time watch

The material around the watch is made of soft silicone, with three holes on each side to make it easy to connect to the bracelets.  The The crochet hooks fit through the holes and you can weave the bracelet directly onto the watch. 

At first I thought it would be complicated, as at the time, we had never attempted a wide-band bracelet yet, but the Loomey Time site comes with a section that has instructions and videos that were easy to follow.  In no time, we got one for Zoë made and another for Josh shortly afterward.

Loomey Time was kind enough to give me another one for a giveaway (the Grape Loomey Time watch).  Simply leave a comment to let me know which is your favorite Loomey Time watch.  You can see a selection here.   I will mail the Loomey Time watch to you wherever you are.  Please make sure that you leave an email address where I contact you in case you win!

Loomey Time, Single Watch, Grape
a Rafflecopter giveaway

12 March 2014


“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Children need the freedom and time to play.
Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.
~ Kay Redfield Jamison

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things… I play with leaves.
I skip down the street and run against the wind.
~ Leo F. Buscaglia

May we all never lose play in our lives.

10 March 2014

Some cats, some dogs.
An emu and a bird with red eyes.
A rabbit, a billy goat.
An orangutan and a horse.
Not all “furry.”
Some you want to get close to.
Some you don’t.
Some from the archives; some new.









Please head on over to Stephanie’s blog and keep following on to the next person in our circle for a look at what all of our fur babies look like.  We’d love to see your Fur Babies, too; please share them with us over at our Facebook page!

05 March 2014

B by Sarah Kay

Last week, I’d posted a video of a TED Talk featuring Sarah Kay.  Since then, not only had I listened / watched most of her poems on YouTube, but I’d also ordered one of her books.  She has an amazing way with words and I love that her poems are not the indignant, angry rants that I often come across when I search up spoken word poetry online.


I want to share some of my favorite lines from one of her poems (B) here…

~And I’m going to paint the solar systems
on the backs of her hands,
so that she has to learn the entire universe before she can say,
“Oh, I know that like the back of my hand.”

~…when you step out of the phone booth and
try to fly, and the very people you want to
save are the ones standing on your cape…

~You will put the wind in win(d)some,
lose some.
You will put the star in starting over and over.

~But I want her to know that this world is made
out of sugar; it can crumble so easily, but don’t
be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.

Her poetry rekindles my interest and appreciation for the magical, lyrical way words can be woven together.

What are some of your favorite poems?

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